Feature Collection

Wear Your Flight Pride

Staying true to our low-cost roots, we’ve always been looking for cost-effective ways for publicity as we fight tooth and nail to grow the company. To get straight to the point, we found the answer in pins. Be it enamel pins or button badges, they have been part of every campaign and achievement at airasia. 

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airasia Allstars

Items from Allstars past and present.

Corporate Merchandise

A selection of corporate merchandise since the early days.

Design Documents

Design sketches and drafts.


Explore our beginnings as a full-service carrier under DRB-Hicom.

Flight Documents

‘Now Everyone Can Fly’ - our collection of flight documents and boarding passes.

Framed Materials

Framed materials that used to adorn the walls in our old offices in Subang Airport and LCCT.

Inaugural Flights

Highlights from our inaugural flights and discover how we celebrated them the low-cost way.

Inflight Materials

Old school inflight menus, catalogues, and more.

Media & News Clippings

Making headlines while transforming the travel landscape.


Toys, greeting cards, model airplanes, and more.


Discover our historic moments.

Plane Livery

Painting the skies with our planes.

Promotional Materials

Posters and ephemera capturing our beginnings as a disruptor of air travel.


A library of our inflight magazine, manuals, and annual reports.

Safety Materials

A small collection of our safety materials onboard.


Branding and sponsorship through the years.


Some of the items from our subsidiaries and sister companies.


Cabin crew uniforms, pilot tie-clips, and more.