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Not many know this, but AirAsia didn’t start out as a low-cost airline. Back then, we served full-course meals with proper plates and teacups. The change came when Tony bought over AirAsia to convert the unprofitable airline into a low-cost operation.

The night before our first low-cost flight, Tony got the staff together for a meeting. A cabin crew raised her hand, ‘In the low-cost model, you mention selling food on the plane…?’


‘So where’s that food going to come from?’

There was a collective intake of breath.

Tony looked around, picked up his jacket, and told five people to follow him. They headed for the nearest Carrefour supermarket and stocked up on sandwiches, drinks, and water, and paid for it with Tony’s credit card. Selling food onboard -sandwiches, Assam Laksa, even homemade muffins by the crew – became one of the ways we survived those early days.

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