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These terms and conditions will apply to your access and use of our website at museum.airasia.com. By using our website, you accept that you will be bound to the terms and conditions of use in full. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, you must not access, use and/or contribute to our website. If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, you can contact us using the details set out below.

  1. AirAsia Berhad operates museum.airasia.com. If you have any questions please refer to our frequently asked questions. If the answers there do not address your particular concern, you may contact us at museum@airasia.com.
  1. AirAsia may change these terms from time to time so we recommend that you should check them regularly. Your continued use of museum.airasia.com will be deemed acceptance of the updated or amended terms. If you do not agree to the changes, you should cease using this website.
License to use museum.airasia.com
  1. You agree to use museum.airasia.com only for lawful purposes and in a considerate and responsible way that does not infringe the rights of, restrict or inhibit anyone else’s use and enjoyment of museum.airasia.com. Prohibited behaviour includes:
    • using the website for any purpose that is against the law
    • harassing or causing distress or inconvenience to any person
    • transmitting defamatory, libellous, racist, obscene, pornographic, indecent or offensive or menacing content which could cause anxiety to anyone else
    • using the website in any way that cause interruption or damage to the online services or renders them impaired or less efficient
    • using the website in any way that could cause damage or disruption to another user’s computer
    • using the website to transmit or upload computer viruses or other harmful files or programmes
    • collecting data about other users
    • transmitting or sending unsolicited commercial communications such as junk mail or spam
Intellectual Property
  1. All copyright, trademarks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) in and on museum.airasia.com and all content (including all applications) located on the site shall remain vested in AirAsia or its licensors (which includes other users). You may not copy, reproduce, republish, disassemble, decompile, download, post, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public, or otherwise use museum.airasia.com content in any way except for your own personal, non-commercial use. In certain prescribed circumstances, you may adapt, alter or create a derivative work from any museum.airasia.com content for your own personal, non-commercial use, with the prior written permission of AirAsia Berhad which will be indicated against the relevant museum.airasia.com content.
  1. The names, images and logos identifying AirAsia or third parties and their products and services are subject to copyright, design rights and trademarks of AirAsia and/or third parties. Nothing contained in these terms shall be construed as conferring any licence or right to use any trademark, design right or copyright of AirAsia or any other third party.
Contribution to the AirAsia Archive/User-generated content
  1. By sharing and uploading any contribution (including any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio-visual material) with AirAsia you agree to grant to AirAsia, free of charge, permission to use the material in any way it wants (including modifying and adapting it for operational and editorial reasons) for AirAsia in any existing or future media worldwide (including on AirAsia’s site accessed by international users) and in perpetuity. You waive any moral rights in your contribution in order to permit AirAsia to edit your material as appropriate. You also grant to AirAsia the right to sub-license these rights to third parties. We won’t use your content for commercial purposes but we may use your content to promote our platform. If your content contains third party material e.g. images, video, music etc you must have obtained the necessary third party permissions to use the material.
  1. Copyright in your contribution will remain with you and this permission is not exclusive, so you can continue to use the material in any way including allowing others to use it, including licensing that material to other websites.
  1. In order that AirAsia can use your contribution, you confirm that your contribution is your own original work, is not defamatory and does not infringe any Malaysia laws, that you have the right to give AirAsia permission to use it for the purposes specified above, and that you have the consent of anyone who is identifiable in your contribution or the consent of their parent / guardian if they are under 18. For the avoidance of doubt, the content must not infringe any third party’s legal rights.
Your account
  1. If you use multiple logins you may have action taken against all of your accounts.All accounts must be registered with a valid personal email address that you access regularly so that moderation emails can be sent to you. Accounts registered with someone else’s email address, or with temporary email addresses may be closed without notice. We may require users to re-validate their account if we believe they have been using an invalid email address.

    AirAsia reserves the right to close accounts if any user is seen to be using proxy IPs (Internet Protocol addresses) in order to attempt to hide the use of multiple accounts.


    If you do not want to grant AirAsia permission set out above on these terms, please do not submit or share your contribution to or with museum.airasia.com.

If you breach our user rules
  1. AirAsia reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to our online services or any aspect of them if you fail to comply with the rules or we have reasonable grounds to believe you are likely to breach them.If you submit or share any offensive or inappropriate content with any AirAsia content or anywhere else, and AirAsia considers such behaviour to be serious and/or repeated, AirAsia may use whatever information that is available to it about you to stop any further such infringements. This may include informing relevant third parties such as your employer, school or email provider about the infringement(s).

    AirAsia reserves the right to delete, or take action against any user account, at any time, for any reason.

Complaints or Take Down Policy
  1. You can contact us to make a complaint about any aspect of our online services or if you think your or a third party’s copyright has been infringed by the website. Please submit full details to the following email address: museum@airasia.com. If you have a complaint about an item of content that has been posted, you may click on the flag next to the item and select the appropriate category of activity about the complaint.

Please note that the intellectual property rights in all content comprising or contained within this website address (URL) is owned by AirAsia Berhad, and other copyright owners as specified.

The contents of this website are published for your enjoyment. You may freely access and store the majority of the website’s contents on a temporary basis for the purposes of personal or private viewing, interaction or listening.

You might not be able to legally download or copy certain works in your country. It is your responsibility to ensure that your local law permits you to do this.

Reproducing Content

Website content that is AirAsia copyright may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes of research, private study, criticism and review, or for limited circulation within an educational establishment (such as a school, college or university).

The following uses of AirAsia copyright content are also permitted, except where other terms apply:

  • Reproducing AirAsia copyright content for non-commercial research, private study, criticism and review, or for the purposes of teaching and instruction within an educational establishment. Where any works are published, the source of the content must be identified and the copyright status of the content acknowledged, e.g. ‘Item, Date, Photo: © AirAsia [current year]’
  • Limited quotation of AirAsia copyright texts or transcripts, for non-commercial research, private study, criticism and review, or use within an educational establishment, with due acknowledgement and citation. Where any text content is published, the author and/or source of the content must be identified and the copyright status of the content acknowledged, e.g. ‘© AirAsia [current year]’
  • Reproducing AirAsia copyright content for the purposes of an educational examination, by a recognised exam authority
  • Downloading AirAsia copyright audio and video content for non-commercial offline listening or viewing
  • Downloading and printing of AirAsia copyright learning content, and whiteboard resources, for non-commercial educational use
  • Embedding links to AirAsia audio and video content, where embedding is offered

However, the following acts are not permitted in respect of any of the content featured on AirAsia’s website:

  • Reproduction of website content for commercial purposes, or any rental, leasing or lending of content obtained or derived from the website
  • Any use of the AirAsia logo, brand identities or AirAsia trademarks without prior consent from AirAsia Berhad
  • Any considerable public dissemination, display or hosting of website content via any third-party platforms, including without limitation, the substantial or repeated extraction and/or storage of AirAsia website content in any retrieval system, or inclusion in any other computer program or work
  • Reproduction of AirAsia website content on any social media platforms, except where other terms allow
  • Inaccurate or distorted reproductions, colour treatments, alterations or adaptations of website content, except where other terms allow
  • Publication of any unauthorised translations or transcriptions of website content, except where other terms allow
  • False attribution of authorial or copyright credits, and the removal of any AirAsia metadata from digital file formats
  • Unauthorised text/data mining of website content and metadata
Non-Commercial Use

AirAsia would usually regard the following uses of AirAsia imagery as non-commercial activity:

  • Use in free educational lectures and classes;
  • Use on an individual or group’s website discussing the item in question;
  • Use on websites that are primarily information-led, research-oriented and obviously non-commercial in nature, for example Wikipedia;
  • Use on personal social media accounts, provided the individual is not promoting themselves commercially.
  • Statutory exceptions to copyright also apply in certain situations. It is the user’s responsibility to satisfy themselves that an exception (such as fair dealing criticism and review, quotation, or reporting a current event) applies.
Commercial Use

Creative Commons defines commercial use as “reproducing a work in any manner that is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or monetary compensation”.

As well as obviously commercial activities such as merchandise production, use of AirAsia images editorially in films and on TV, in publications that are sold, in advertisements and commercial promotions, AirAsia would usually regard the following uses of AirAsia imagery as commercial activity:

  • Use online or in print by commercial organisations, including (for the avoidance of doubt) trading arms of charities;
  • Use on an individual’s website in such a way that adds value to their business, or for promotional purposes, or where offering a service to third parties;
  • Use of images by university presses in publications online or in print;
  • Use in publicity and promotional material connected with commercial events;
  • Unsolicited use of images by news media, including front covers and centre-page spreads;
  • Use in compilations of past examination papers;
  • Use by commercial galleries and auction houses.
  • Under charity law, conflicts can arise when one charity is seen as assisting another. Therefore AirAsia needs to treat other charities (and their trading arms) as if they were ‘commercial’ organisations.
Sourcing from museum.airasia.com

AirAsia is committed to providing online access to as many of the works in its collection and Archive as possible, via the website.

To license, purchase and download high-resolution digital files for commercial use at AirAsia, commercial enquiries about other AirAsia content (e.g. text, video or design work) should be emailed to museum@airasia.com.

Please note that the further reproduction of items, publications or any other images or content, made available by AirAsia may constitute an infringement of copyright. It is therefore your responsibility to investigate and obtain permission from the copyright holders or their agents before publishing such content.