Thank you Captain Park Livery

On 10 Dec 2014, airasia X announced South Korean football icon Park Ji-sung as our global ambassador with the unveiling of a Park Ji-sung livery on an Airbus A330. The livery features the football player and the words ‘Thank you Captain Park’ in English and Korean.

Anaz Livery

This livery was specially created to celebrate the life and memory of a very special Allstar, Anaz Tajudin. From joining airasia as a line engineer to becoming our Group COO, Anaz was a man who exemplified the Allstar spirit. In the words of our in-house designer Nik Ismail, the man behind the livery design, “Why […]

airasia Cabin Crew Winter Coat

When airasia X first began operating flights from Kuala Lumpur to Stansted Airport, London in March 2009, we introduced the topcoat for our cabin crew. The first iteration was a black topcoat, which was changed to the current red wraparound coat shortly after to fit the airasia brand. The winter top coat is usually carried […]

airasia X Inaugural Flight into Stansted Airport

Presented by BAA London Stansted to commemorate airasia X’s inaugural flight to Stansted Airport, when airasia made history by being the first low-cost, long haul service connecting the UK to Asia. The route was serviced by an Airbus A340-300.

Pins: airasia X Logo Pin

Here is an enamel pin of the old airasia X logo when the very first airasia X (D7) long-haul service took to the skies connecting Kuala Lumpur with Gold Coast, Australia on 2 November 2007.

airasia X Cabin Crew Name Tag: Purser

The name tag design of a Purser. While Captain is the commander of the entire aircraft, the Purser takes on the role of Head of Cabin, with direct supervision on all inflight matters – safety, the conduct of cabin crew, and the well-being of passengers under both normal and emergency circumstances. The Purser reports directly […]

airasia X Cabin Crew Name Tag: Senior Flight Attendant

Apart from the fact that this name tag came from a time before ‘cabin crew’ was widely accepted as the new correct term, this name tag also features a Malaysian flag. Every cabin crew used to have a flag on their name tags to denote which country of origin the cabin crew is from – […]