Malaysia Airports: airasia Now at KLIA (2002)

(1) 2nd July 2002: Now arriving at KLIA. Everyday low fares. ‘Selamat datang airasia. The people’s airport welcomes the people’s airline. From July 4th, 2002, airasia will be calling the Kuala Lumpur International Airport ‘home’. airasia passengers can now enjoy the comforts and facilities of one of the world’s top-rated airports. Best of all, at airasia’s existing low fares’

(2) Your favourite airline will be arriving in KLIA on July 2nd, 2002. KLIA welcomes Malaysia’s second-largest carrier

(3) 1st August 2002: Airport Coach Discount Price. For airasia passengers only

(4) 3rd July 2002: 100% Penuh. Semua tiket telah dijual

(5) 5th July 2002: A big airasia thank you to all Malaysians for making our first day at KLIA a great one. 100% Full. All seats sold.

(6) ‘100% Full. All seats sold.’ advertisement in Malay, English and Mandarin


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Press ad
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(1) - (3) The Malay Mail
(4) The Star
(5) Berita Harian
(6) -

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