airasia Cabin Crew Name Tag: Senior Flight Attendant

This senior flight attendant name tag is significant for two reasons: firstly, it featured our new logo of ‘’ when airasia became one of the first airlines that sold tickets online. Secondly, ‘Senior Flight Attendant’ was the term used before ‘cabin crew’ was widely accepted as the new correct term. In the hierarchy of cabin crew duties, should the Purser become medically unfit to perform their duties in-flight, the senior cabin crew may take over their duties with the concurrence of the commander of the aircraft. On a smaller, narrow-body aircraft such as the A320, there would only be a senior cabin crew as the head of the cabin, while in a wide-body aircraft such as the A330, the senior cabin crew reports to the Purser.


Item Type
Name tag
15mm x 70mm
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Venice Hoh
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