Have You Flown airasia Campaign

‘Have you flown AirAsia’ was our first big brand campaign launched in 2009. Fun fact: It was Yasmin Ahmad who advised us to drop the word ‘lately’ from the campaign. It was supposed to be ‘Have you flown AirAsia lately?’ It was our first big brand campaign, and the line came from Tony himself. We’ve made some changes to the airline and the idea was to ask the public if they’ve tried us lately. We had a collaboration with Yasmin for our commercial, and she advised us to remove the word ‘lately’, and to just keep the line ‘Have you Flown AirAsia?’, so even those who haven’t flown with us can still relate to it. And that’s what we did.

The flat bed poster in this series was inspired by reality; where many of our guests like to sleep across three seats to make it a ‘flat bed’. It was at a time where we haven’t launched flat beds onboard yet.


Item Type
Corporate ad
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airasia Creative Team
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