DRB-HICOM Cabin Crew Uniform

During the DRB-HICOM era of airasia, the 3-piece cabin crew uniform comprised of a collared shirt, vest, and a jacket, topped with a scarf tied around the neck for the ladies. The colour was green to represent airasia’s historical blue and green colour scheme. Longtime Allstar Suhaila Hassan shares her memories of the uniform, ‘It wasn’t so practical, especially in Malaysia’s weather. I can still remember the scarf as it had a white eagle logo as the identity of the airline back then.’


Item Type
Male: 730mm x 430mm (jacket), 590mm x 410mm (vest), 700mm x 480mm (shirt), 1060mm x 440mm (pants); Female: 580mm x 350mm (jacket), 580mm x 350mm (vest), 670mm x 350mm (shirt), 545mm x 330mm (skirt)
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Suhaila Hassan
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