World touches down: airasia arrives at Avalon

The airasia X flight from Kuala Lumpur marked Avalon Airport’s first ever international flight. This stemmed from a 10-year agreement between both parties on the back of more than $48 million in government investment.

airasia’s First Press Release

The first press release issued to announce Tune Air Sdn Bhd’s takeover of airasia in 2001. “We will make flying attractive, and we will stick to our tagline ‘NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY’.”

CNN Newsbiz interview

Tony went on CNN Newsbiz and spoke about taking airasia into the regional market, obstacles with government regulations, landing fees, and bringing the business online.

There’s a new girl in town. She’s twice the fun and half the price.

When we launched our hub at Johor Bahru, this ad – referencing the iconic ‘Singapore Girl’ of Singapore Airlines – was created to target Singaporean travellers. The print ad was launched on Dec 3, 2004 and ran in Singapore’s Straits Times, Streats, Zao Bao and Wan Bao. Fun fact: the idea originated from Tony himself! […]