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There’s a beginning in every story. Here’s a collection of our beginnings as a full-service carrier before the iconic red branding.

Welcome to the airasia Museum

The airasia Museum is a database that houses, organises and documents airasia’s continuous evolution, based on materials that signify milestones in its experiences and living history.

Featuring nearly 3000 items, the collection include news clippings, merchandise, photographs, correspondence, communications, marketing materials and awards.

This digital archive serves as a way to remember who we are, a collection of our successes and failings, and a testament to how we picked ourselves up to fly higher than ever.

Welcome onboard!

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A homegrown brand that fought the good fight to put Malaysia’s airline industry on the world map, we took on a “Proudly Malaysian” front by collaborating and honouring the renowned Malaysian cartoonist Lat.​

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