Celebrating 20 Years

20 Ways AirAsia Changed The World

Welcome to the AirAsia Museum! To mark our 20th anniversary milestone, we are looking at 20 ways we have reshaped the aviation industry, disrupted the digital space, and transformed the lives of our communities.


Not all heroes wear capes, some wear caps. Watch to discover how our “Dare to Dream” spirit kept us going for 20 years.


Welcome to the AirAsia Museum

The AirAsia Museum is a database that houses, organises and documents our continuous evolution, based on materials that signify milestones in our experiences and living history. 

Featuring nearly 3000 items, the collection include news clippings, merchandise, photographs, correspondence, communications, marketing materials and awards.

 Welcome onboard! 

This digital archive serves as a way to remember who we are, a collection of our successes and failings, and a testament to how we picked ourselves up to fly higher than ever.

Welcome onboard! 

Painting the skies red

Check out how our classic livery designs have evolved through the years.

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airasia Allstars

Items from Allstars past and present.

Corporate Merchandise

A selection of corporate merchandise since the early days.

Design Documents

Design sketches and drafts.